World Forum For A Responsible Economy : popcorn time!

Waiting this morning in front of the Théâtre du Nord in Lille (France) for the opening of the World forum for a responsible economy, I was wondering whether it would really be a world forum or a local initiative.

By the end of this first day I’d like to share the answer of my own question along with my impressions.

For those among you who have no time to read my full article, here is a summary: yes and WAOW

however to see the link between this World forum and popcorn you’ll have to go further…

I’ve been listening all day to incredible entrepreneurs and change makers from all over the World: France of course, but also Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Zambia, Mexico, South Africa, Israel, the United States, England, etc. Not only the #WFRE19 is truly a World forum, but also is an event gathering worldwide commited citizens who manage to find a reconciliation between economy, business (even profit: no shame!) and sustainability.

 I feel very grateful to Alliances network for the organisation of this event allowing me to discover the bold, successfull and yet responsible projects presented by these (not so-)ordinary heroes.

Reducing social inequality, carbon zero impact (or even positive impact!), protecting the biodiversity, helping homeless or socialy isolated people, challenging finance, questioning democracy, etc. they tackle all the XXIth century issues with passion, energy and personal commitment. 

Despite significant differences in their field of activities, geographic location or position in the organisation they spoke as one voice regarding:

  • The necessity of a paradigm shift
  • The urge to act now (like really now)
  • The importance of becoming aware of being part of the problem to begin to look for being part of the solution
  • Their personal commitment to align their everyday lifestyle to the values and missions of their companies or organisations

 I could also feel their energy, enthusiasm, vibrant desire to share their experience and prove (again): yes, it’s possible. We can make it. All the solutions are on the table. No need for a miraculous innovation: we have all we need to make the shift.

Some of them, most of them actually, have been preaching and struggling to convince on these issues for decades and yet no arrogant or « I told you so » sound in their tone. What is at stake is far more important than personal ego.

They recall us that humility and constant empathy are extraordinary strenghts.

 In this post, no metrics, no specific facts, just my wish to pass to you the tremendous courage I witnessed today. THANK YOU : Bertrand Piccard, Dale Dougherty, Heidi Solba, Christel Heydemann, Nicolas Milko, Marc-Antoine Noiret, Clément Hostache, Kaj Török, Katie Hill, Eric Rampelberg, Hassan Sachedina, Emiliano Hurriaga, Gili Swary, Delphine Barthe, Momo Mahadav, …

It took courage for these men and women to start the movement. But as Dale Dougherty reminded us today you need several people to make a movement happen.

Each one of us has the power to make a difference and initiate or be part of this movement… and if here and there individual or collective initiative keep popping and accelerating, we may achieve a wonderful and salutary popcorn effect.

If not me, then who? If not now, then when?

(Ray Anderson – Interface)